Updated: 24/11/16 : 08:06:47
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Sligo schoolgirl's drivers app could save hundreds of lives

A Sligo schoolgirl has invented an app which could save hundreds of lives on Irish roads.   

Aoife Kearans, a 17-year-old student at Ursuline College in Sligo, came up with a device which alerts motorists that they risk falling asleep up to half an hour beforehand.

It's estimated that 20pc of road fatalities here are due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

According to Greg Harkin writing in the Irish Independent, Aoife's invention is a world first and she's waiting on a patent. She hopes it will be installed in all cars in future.

"I was doing coding during my TY year and wanted to develop an app that would have beneficial social consequences," she said. "I looked at what else could be done in relation to road safety and believe more could be done about deaths caused by drowsy driving."

Aoife discovered the body temperature drops by between 1C and 1.3C before someone falls asleep.

Her app is programmed so that if the driver's core temperature drops it causes their phone to beep, warning the driver.