Updated: 25/11/16 : 06:01:01
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Abbott Inspires the Next Generation of Scientists in Ireland

Students and families from Ballinacarrow National School and St. John’s National School in Sligo were last week given the opportunity to explore the exciting world of science through a unique and innovative education programme, Abbott Family Science. The events coincided with National Science Week, which ran from 13 to 20 of November.

Hosted by Abbott, the students, together with their families and teachers, took part in the inspirational event at the Sligo and Ballinacarrow schools.  Thirty Abbott volunteers from Abbott’s Diagnostics facilities in Sligo and Finiskilin shared their passion for science with the students and introduced them to the joy of scientific discovery through a range of hands-on experiments.

A programme of Abbott's foundation, the Abbott Fund, Abbott Family Science aims to ignite the curiosity of the next generation.  Among the unique elements of the programme is the involvement of families – parents and children work together during the evening, making fun discoveries through experiments. This adds to the impact of Abbott Family Science, as it provides an additional avenue outside of the classroom for children to be encouraged to pursue science. Globally, 95 percent of parents participating in Abbott Family Science agree that the programme motivated them to seek other science education opportunities for their family.

The next generation of scientists together with Abbott employees’ explore the wonders
of science through Abbotts’ Family Science programme

Speaking about the Abbott Family Science programme Conor Murphy, Site Director Abbott Diagnostics Division in Finiskilin said, “At Abbott, we share a passion for breakthrough invention, and through this programme we can share that passion with our local communities. We believe that by sparking the interest of young people early in life, we can provide a foundation for the next generation of scientific leaders to shape the future of innovation.” Abbott Family Science is now in its eighth year in Ireland. To date, we've engaged more than 10,000 students and families nationwide.”