Updated: 28/11/16 : 06:10:55
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Ballygawley Post Office campaign continues

Following a busy weekend of activity in the campaign to save Ballygawley Post Office Cllr Thomas Healy has expressed his praise and gratitude to local clergy for supporting the community campaign.

“The campaign to save Ballygawley Post Office is continuing to gain momentum especially with the support of local Priests,” stated the Sinn Féin councillor.

“We have been active over the weekend outside church services in Sooey, Geevagh and Ballintogher, all three areas which have previously either lost post office services or seen them transferred. We got hundreds of petition signatures and submissions made from congregations, in no small thanks to the active support from the pulpits from Father O, Shea and Fr Connaughton in particular.

"They have been of immense assistance and encouragement to us as the people listened to their priests and came out to support us. The fear is still there that we are in danger of losing another service but people are more and more positive as the campaign continues and are determined to resist further cutbacks.”