Updated: 30/11/16 : 04:48:41
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Sligo hospital heads for budget over-run in 2016

Special Report

THE SLIGO University Hospital is heading for an unspecified budget over-run in 2016.

By the end of September €90.2 million of its annual allocation had already been spent.

Now part of the Saolta group of hospitals, Sligo was allocated €109 million this year.

Higher Level

Sligo's budget target for the first nine months has been exceeded by just 2.65%.

The over-spend up to the end of last September was €2.3 million -- historically a small sum.

Some political observers even describe this as State under-funding of services, rather than 'over-run.'

However in 2016 Sligo's over-spend is running at a higher level than hospitals in Letterkenny and Castlebar.

Both the Donegal and Mayo centres, in the same Saolta group as Sligo, are below one percent in their budget overshoots.

Monthly Reports

The various details are contained in the HSE's most recent Performance Report. See link below

This report is submitted monthly to the Minister for Health and published online by the HSE.

Figures are not yet available for either October or November.

The Saolta group to which Sligo belongs covers hospitals in the west and north west.