Updated: 01/12/16 : 05:05:00
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Sligo bus links to airport, university at risk -- union

HUNDREDS OF bus links could be wiped out locally in the latest plans by Bus Eireann.

Details of cuts on each route were revealed by one of the company's trade unions yesterday, Wednesday.

*** The '64' bus service between Galway, Sligo and Derry would see ''up to 238 weekly departures'' along the route wiped out;

*** Doubts about the current bus links between Sligo and Dublin Airport;

*** Bus Eireann connections between Sligo and Maynooth University could be a thing of the past;

*** Other drastic cutbacks would be between Sligo and Longford.

The two towns are currently served by 84 weekly departures and this would be cut to just two, claims one of the big unions in Bus Eireann.

Sligo villages like Castlebaldwin could be left with a bus on just one day per week, the union suggests.

Passengers Briefed

The National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) launched an extensive leaflet campaign nationwide yesterday.

In addition to Expressway and inter city links, passengers on town services in Sligo were briefed on the Bus EIreann plans.

The company is seeking 150 job losses and compulsory redundancies have not been ruled out.

Step Up

The union has urged local communities and politicians to act.

''Politicians need to step up to the plate and act before it is too late,'' said the NBRU yesterday.