Updated: 03/12/16 : 06:13:07
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Sligo Credit Union AGM on 7 December

Sligo Credit Union’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th December in the Glasshouse at 8pm

At last year's AGM, Chairperson Fergus MacNabb noted in his Director’s Report that 2016 has been a successful year for Sligo Credit Union and there are some very positive signs of growth particularly in lending activity. This year shares have grown by 9% (12% 2015) and more importantly, member’s loans have increased by 9.3% - up from a growth figure of 2.9% last year. Income has increased by 7.6% to €2.4 million and costs have increased by 16.5% to €1.6 million. 

"The most important financial area we can focus on is the provision of good quality loans to our members. We would ask you to spread the word amongst your family and friends that a loan from your Credit Union supports community activity at every level. Last year we lent over €16 million to our members and practically all of this money was spent locally in improving homes, educating children, changing cars and generally improving the lives of our members. The interest collected from these loans allows us to make a return to our community in supporting many community, sporting, cultural and charitable events that we so willingly do."