Updated: 05/12/16 : 04:42:14
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Waiting to hear about assets of our TDs

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

FORGET SANTA, the bearded bugger, we have only 26 sleeps left til we know the Really Big Truth.

I've even allowed there for one (half) sleepless night, us lying awake to see if can see or hear the gift-giver come and go.

That's all too like the relationship between us voters and our TDs.

Namely, we sometimes fail to see or hear our TDs giving of gifts to us. Ho. Ho. Ho. 

We elected a new Dáil last February but the law doesn't require they publicly declare assets and interests until the end of the year.

It's not very satisfactory, not least because those rules were themselves drawn up by politicians.

Meanwhile, the ''new politics'' we were promised in 2016 by Michael Martin and Fianna Fáil rings hollow.

''New'' ideas might have decreed that declarations could/should be publicly filed within three months, maximum, of any election date.

Umpteen Times

After that, the Register of Members Interests could be filed on an annual calendar basis, or when amendments are notified by TDs and Senators.

What would have happened the 2016 Register of Members Interests if the budget had fallen and there had been a new election in autumn.

That has happened twice before in our history and umpteen times we have had general elections in successive years.

Top Class

Mind you, some of our politicians are so poor they have little or nothing to declare.

Little or nothing to declare.....except of course their genius, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde.

Some past declarations were/are top class examples of how it needs to be done.

Good examples worth having a look at include former Minister Alan Shatter and Senators such as Frank Feighan and  Marc MacSharry.

There are others, too. But there were others, too, in the past who seemed to give very scant detail.