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Sligo drug enforcer's death 'not unexpected' say Gardaí

The Dublin gang murderer and Sligo drug debt enforcer Mark 'the Guinea Pig' Desmond may be the latest victim of the Kinahan-Hutch blood feud, gardai believe.    

The least insensitive thing that gardai could say about Desmond's murder in Lucan on Friday night was that it was "not unexpected".

It is suspected that Desmond, who is thought to have been responsible for several murders over 17 years, was lured to a meeting by members of the Kinahan cartel and shot dead.

In 2015 Desmond was hired by a Sligo drugs gang to collect outstanding debts in the region. See link below

Drug debts owed locally in Sligo were promptly paid when Desmond arrived on the scene and created a tense feud in the town.

The dangerous situation was constantly monitored by a heavily-armed special detective unit.

His links with the drugs gang operating in the Sligo area also saw his involvement in the importation of drugs into the country in drop-offs by ships on the unprotected west coast.

The Irish Independent reported that Desmond was a 'gun for hire' in Dublin city and, although he had close associations for years with a west Dublin gang affiliated with the main Kinahan cartel, he also had secret links with the rival Hutch mob.

Beaten Into Submission

Desmond was known to have had meetings with a number of key Hutch gang figures, possibly with a view to supplying heroin. The Hutch gang was almost beaten into submission by some 10 murders of members and associates in response to the attack on the Kinahans at Dublin's Regency Hotel in February.

The 41-year-old was suspected of carrying out several murders, mainly in west Dublin, since the double killing of Darren Carey (19) and Patrick Murray (20) who he lured to a meeting on a quiet stretch of the Grand Canal near Karneystown, Co Kildare, on the Millennium Eve. He murdered both with a shotgun and shoved their bodies into the water where they were found the next morning by walkers.

A relative of Darren Carey posted on social media: "You deserved it, If it was my way I would of tortured you Ye fat c**t, enjoy hell you prick."

Desmond was also the main suspect in the murder of west Dublin gangster Maurice 'Bo Bo' Ward (56) in May 2002. He was also regarded as the likely gunman in the double murder of gangsters Kenneth Corbally (32) and his brother Paul (35) in June 2010 in Ballyfermot.

He is also believed to have murdered and secretly buried minor rival James Kenny McDonagh, a 29-year-old father-of-one in October 2009. Determined work by detectives eventually led to the discovery of Mr McDonagh's body in January 2012 but there was not sufficient evidence to charge Desmond.

Gardai said Desmond was almost uniquely hated owing to his murderous and generally vicious behaviour, including the reported rape of a teenage prisoner in 2000 while he was serving a jail term for assaulting and threatening to murder a young woman.

Desmond had the 'protection' of a major west Dublin gang which has imported large amounts of cocaine and heroin into Ireland.

Detectives suspect that a 'torpedo'-type container washed up on a Co Clare beach in October may have been one of the consignments lost by the gang.

The metal container had been welded onto the hull of a ship but may have come off in bad weather and washed up on the shore.


The same gang is believed to have direct links with heroin suppliers in Pakistan affiliated to the Taliban and the Pakistani secret services. A number of Desmond's associates are known to have visited the country.

Desmond's reasons for meeting members of the Hutch gang during the height of the murder campaign against its members remain a mystery. But sources said that once this was known by the Kinahans, and in the absence of any adequate excuse, Desmond's life was in immediate and real danger.

The Kinahan gang has sworn to eradicate its rivals and any figure associating with known Hutch gang members is a target for assassination.

One of the figures under investigation for shooting Desmond at Griffeen Valley Park, Lucan, on Friday night was a close associate of David Byrne (32) who was shot dead at the Regency Hotel in Whitehall.

Two handguns believed to have been used in Desmond's murder were left at the scene by his killers.

Link: Sligo Today 3/12/2016