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Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Looking for Sean and Kathleen Diamond I saw in the digital Sligo Today of some day in 2010 a photo of Sean and Cathleen Diamond.

It evoked memories of the 1989 Fleadh in Sligo, where they put me up. I had a great time with Sean and Kathleen. I have been to several fleadhs since then, and it is the hospitality and friendliness of the hosts that makes Fleadh Cheoil for me special. 

The Irish people are a special gift from God to the earth.

I would appreciate if you would take the effort and pass on this message to the Diamonds. Or publish it in your newspaper so that they can read it.

Kind regards from the Netherlands,

Bas ten Asbroek


Time to get real about abortion

In a utopian world, there would be no war, no poverty, no illness, no crime, no hate and no abortion.  However, as we all know only too well, the world that we live in is far from perfect. People die of starvation, poverty and illness, terrible crimes are committed and hate remains.  We live in a world full of joy, happiness and suffering.  A world that is often very hard to comprehend.  In this world, unwanted pregnancies exist and abortion is sadly a reality, and in most countries, is legal.  In those countries where it is part of the laws of the land it is an accepted part of society and often seen to be in fact a basic part of providing healthcare for women.

However just because something is legal does not automatically make it ethical, moral, right or just.  It is an inevitable fact that the more liberal and readily available abortion services are in any given country, the greater the likelihood that the second life involved is ignored.  The populist thinking and all too often lauded most “forward thinking” and “liberal” views today, are that when we are discussing a pregnant woman, the following position is taken. If the pregnancy is wanted then the woman is expecting a child, however if the pregnancy is unwanted then we enter the realm of bodily autonomy and the termination of a foetus.   The second life, that of the unborn child is ignored and in essence, the humanity of the unborn child is eradicated from the picture.  The focus is on the woman, her right to choose and what happens to her body; with a total disregard for the fact that there is a separate individual human life at stake.

All too often we hear the argument that being pro-choice is not the same as being pro-abortion. Someone will tell you that they would never have an abortion themselves but would not force their will or values on others. People will tell you that they are against abortion but that they believe that individuals should have the right to choose and that it is a personal decision.  However, it’s time to get real about the reality of abortion. This laissez faire attitude is not how modern and moderate democratic society should work, and certainly not when we are talking about the power to end a human life, no matter how small, ill, disabled or imperfect.  Democratic society should work differently than this.  In a civilized, democratic society, laws are created to ensure that society is protected and ideally thrives.  These laws are used as a guide, to demonstrate what the majority view to be right and wrong.   Laws are created and implemented for the greater good of society.  This provides order and for the most part a civilized society.  While democratic society is not without flaw, to date it has proven to be our best option.

When deciding on whether we introduce laws that will legalise abortion here in Ireland, we must first acknowledge the fact that the laws of the country become the educator.  They become the accepted standard, the accepted base and norm. Even if these laws may not always be ethically or morally just, they become, by the very fact that they are the laws of the land, the new Status Quo. By legalising abortion, we are in effect saying that, as a society we believe that the ending of an unborn human life is legal and therefore acceptable.

A new initiative was recently launched called the LoveBoth Project.  It aims to promote protection of mother and baby in pregnancy and to highlight the many people alive today because of Ireland's 8th Amendment and is campaigning for supports for expectant mothers and working to build a more welcoming society for mothers and babies.

Ireland’s laws should be framed to protect all of society, born and unborn and to protect the most vulnerable.  We should be aiming and striving to create and nurture a world that protects mothers and their unborn babies, and a society that values all life.  Perhaps this might be as close as we can get to achieving a utopian world in this lifetime!

Sile Quinlan
Pro Life Campaign



If it's possible, please omit any mention of Trump in your World News section.

I've been reading yours since he was "elected" last month.

Thank you!

Al Francis


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