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Save Ballygawley Post Office campaigners meet An Post

The Save Ballygawley Post Office campaign committee met yesterday with An Post senior management in the Castledargan Hotel, Ballygawley.

Attending the meeting on behalf of An Post were Angus Laverty, An Post Communications Director, Operations Manager, Aidan O Donnell and local manager, Peter Gillespie.

On behalf of the Campaign were Thomas Walsh, Co-Ordinator, Mary Hamilton, Dermot Fallon, Cllr Thomas Healy and Paul Mc Tiernan.

After the meeting Thomas Walsh told Sligo Today, “The meeting was robust and I felt a strong case was put forward to An Post for retention of services in Ballygawley Village."

                             Ballygawley Post Office hosts a wide range of services

·        Currently Ballygawley PO is serving the needs for the community of Ballygawley,
         Ballintogher, Sooey, Gleann, Geevagh and Carraroe.

·        Ballygawley PO is part of a multi-service premise that offers a wide range of services to
         PO users. Shop, Grocery, Filling station, car-wash, hairdressers. Both PO and other
         services are a shared facility which feed of positively off each other.

·        The closure of Ballygawley PO will add to 5 the number closed in the last 5 years within a
         30-mile radius. Geevagh, Ballintogher, Keash and Castlebaldwin.

·        Post Offices are at the heart of the community. If a PO closes, this is very often followed
         by other local business closures and the whole community loses out as we have
         seen throughout the past 6 years.

What is the alternative to retention of this service?

Parking facilities at other Post Offices is an issue.

Little or no cost saving to the state or An Post i.e increased transport costs, service re-location, staff training- staff in place, set up costs.

A service not local is a service that is not user-friendly and we felt there would be a severe income loss from `drop off user` as with all commercial moves.

Mr Walsh added, “I felt it was also important to challenge An Post on what they have done to improve commercial activity at the premises over many years.

"I made the point to them that on Page 2 of their Annual calendar which is currently being disbursed to all staff, they make the point:

'Our post offices provide a very important link between the public and government by successfully providing essential government services locally.'

"What are we doing here I asked”.

Speaking on behalf of An Post, Angus Laverty stated, "The campaign has made a strong case, but we have a big decision to make".

The meeting was concluded and the campaign group have asked for a speedy decision.

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