Updated: 09/12/16 : 05:01:55
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Sligo needs specific ‘Brexit’ protections - Gaffney

The need for greater Government supports for business and SME’s in Sligo and its neighbouring border counties, in light of the Britains decision to leave the EU, was highlighted at a national political youth conference in Ballinasloe, Co.Galway.

Blaine Gaffney, the  Fine Gael Local Area Representative for Sligo, tabled a motion on the issue at the ‘2016 Young Fine Gael National Conference’.

In his motion, Gaffney, called on the Government to ensure that more supports are made available for our tourism industry, that greater assistance is considered for our SMEs who are being effected by continual currency fluctuations and that the Government will continue to do all in its power to ensure that the retention of a soft international border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is achieved in the EU negotiations with the UK.

Gaffney’s ‘Brexit’ motion was supported by YFG delegates from Co. Louth, Co. Cavan and Co.Donegal and it was passed unanimously by over 300 YFG delegates who were in attendance.

Speaking about his motion, Gaffney told Sligo Today, “I felt that this particular motion about Co. Sligo needed to be tabled at the YFG National Conference as I am very concerned about the effects which ‘Brexit will have on Co.Sligo and its environs going forward.

“‘Brexit’ is without doubt, one of the biggest political challenges this country is going to face over the next five years and unfortunately border counties are going to be some of the worst effected in this country and as such we need to continually remind the Governments of our fears and concerns about this issue.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to do just this, here at this conference and I am delighted that my motion was accepted and that it received the full support of the delegates at our conference. This motion is now officially policy of our organisation and I intended to ensure that Co.Sligo is not forgotten about as we go forward” concluded Gaffney.