Updated: 10/12/16 : 05:26:41
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70c phone call resulted in man beaten to death

A court has heard that the owner of an internet café in Dublin beat a man to death following a row over the payment of a 70 cent call.

Zhao Zhen Dong, with an address at South William Street in Dublin city centre, was convicted of murder, but that was overturned on appeal.

Zhao Zhen Dong moved to Ireland from China in April 2003 and opened an internet café and call shop on Wellington Quay in Dublin city.

From this shop on May 20, 2011, Noel Fegan made a call to his daughter and then tried to leave without paying for it.

When Mr Zhao confronted him, the court heard Mr Fegan claimed that he had been unable to connect the call and therefore did not owe him anything.

The computer system proved otherwise and Mr Zhao told him he owed him 70c.

Mr Fegan threw a couple of coins on the counter, but it was not enough.

A row broke out and some punches were thrown.

CCTV footage from outside the shop showed the accused kicking his victim in an attack that lasted no more than 10 seconds.

Mr Zhao was convicted of murder two years ago, but that was overturned on appeal and his plea to the lesser charge of manslaughter was accepted.

An issue has arisen with the admissibility of character references and that will have to be dealt with before a sentence is handed down.