Updated: 12/12/16 : 05:28:18
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Sligo speedsters stay out of 'top ten' this year

SLIGO SHOWED two speed black spots, suggest records over the past five years.

Ballinacarrow on the main Sligo to Galway road was among the country's ten worst last year.

In 2014 the same dubious accolade was earned at Rathglass, Corballa on the N59 in west Sligo.

The figures emerged in Freedom of Information records obtained by The Irish Mail on Sunday.

It also emerged that fines imposed on motorists from speed camera detection stopped 4.7 million in the first nine months of this year.

No location in Sligo features in the list of the ten worst detection zones up to the end of September.

Last year, fines totalling 112,360 were imposed on motorists nabbed in the N17 stretch at Ballinacarrow.

The Corballa speedsters paid up 101,080 in 2014, records showed.

Money Racket

The notion of the fines being ''a money making racket'' was dismissed yesterday by Conor Faughnan, director of consumer affairs with AA Ireland.

''It actually costs more to run the Go Safe system than it raises in fines,'' said Mr Faughnan.

He also warned that 2016 would be ''a step backward'' in road safety, a ''poor'' year.

The Go Safe consortium has over 1,000 speed detection zones and vans in place across Ireland.

Last summer it was re-awarded a five year extension of its contract in a deal with up to 115.5 million.