Updated: 14/12/16 : 04:38:28
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Kevinsfort Receiver confirmed by companies Register

ONE OF the longest established business names in Sligo is in Receivership.

Kevinsfort Limited appointed a Receiver last week, official documents confirm.

The effective date of the Receiver's appointment was December 5th, says the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Based at Castle House in Castle Street, the company was established 26 years ago, on Friday the 30th of March 1990. 

Current directors are Patrick Gerald Healy and Christina Cavanagh.

They have been the directors of 12 other Irish companies between them; three of which are now closed. 

Kevinsfort Limited has one shareholder, the current CRO entry confirms. 

Poll Surge

Mr Healy is a former member of Sligo County Council, topping the poll on June 27th 1991 in the 'Sligo' area five-seater.

That first ever election saw Healy surge to 20.06% of the poll -- 1,043 votes.

Eighteen months later he was elevated to the Fianna Fáil team in Sligo for the general election of November 25th 1992.

Healy polled 5,270 or 12.3% first preferences but failed to take the seat.

Celtic TIger

In the Celtic Tiger era Mr Healy's company concentrated on construction and private developments.

An entry on Sligo Chamber website listed Healy as managing director of Kevinsfort.

Said the company: ''By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and techniques we are able to design and build a range of quality exceptional homes and commercial properties.''