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HSE spells out capital works in Sligo for 2017

Special Report

THE NEW primary care centre in Ballymote is on target for completion in 2017.

It is also planned to have it ''fully operational'' in the final quarter of next year.

The details are contained in the HSE's National Service Plan published yesterday, Wednesday.

However, the budgets for hospitals and services in Sligo in 2017 will not be known for some weeks.

Inadequate, Underfunded

Such details will likely be contained in the HSE's series of regional service plans due to be published in the first part of 2017.

The new National Service Plan has also been branded by several medical organisations as ''inadequate, insufficient and underfunded.''

Projected 2017 cuts in the numbers of medical cards could prove problematic in this region.

Capital funding of €1.60 million has, meanwhile, been committed to the Ballymote primary care project.

2017 will also see the final work to deliver new services in Sligo for children dealing with diabetes.

Phased Upgrade

The year ahead will see a ''phased upgrade'' of the building fabric at Sligo University Hospital.

Works listed for 2017 on the campus include roofs, windows and ''fire compartmentation.''

Meanwhile, the bulk of the money needed for the refurbishment and upgrade of the old Health Board HQ in Manorhamilton will be provided in 2017.

A sum of €1.20 million is due to be spent before next September on works at the HQ which are estimated will cost a total of €1.64 million.

The new Service Plan commits a further €1.1 million to the upgrade of the boiler plant and boiler room in the Sligo hospital.

Total cost of that work on the boiler facility in Sligo is estimated at €2.3 million and is due for completion in the third quarter of the year ahead.

Work will also conclude in the year ahead on the provision of a diabetic centre.

This will facilitate the commence of a paediatric insulin pump service, says the new National Service Plan.

Compliance Issues

A neuroscience facility based in Molloway House on the Mall -- owned by the HSE -- is due to kick off in the first quarter of the New Year.

This service will be funded by the North West Neurology Institute, explains the new HSE National Service Plan.

A small sum of money has been allocated to the HSE's own nursing unit in Ballymote.

The HSE says this will meet ''compliance issues'' raised by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).

The work to provide 10 additional beds will be completed in the final quarter of 2017.

The refurbished unit, with 20 replacement beds, will be fully operational in the first quarter of 2018, says the new National Service Plan.

Nationally, the new Service Plan has been criticised by several medical organisations as ''inadequate, insufficient and underfunded.''

Medical Cards

The Letter of Determination outlining the specific budget allocation to run Sligo University Hospital in 2017 has not yet been publicly detailed.

Yesterday's new National Service Plan included a separate capital funding provision of €439 million.

The lion’s share of that capital allocation will go to fund work on the new children’s hospital.

Finally, much national criticism has already centred on a planned cut of 24,500 in medical card numbers.

This is likely to have impact along the western seaboard, including Sligo.

Link: http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/news/media/pressrel/hse-publishes-service-plan-for-2017.html