Updated: 15/12/16 : 06:40:29
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Hickey due back in Dublin today

Pat Hickey is returning to Ireland.

The former Olympic Council of Ireland president is expected to arrive in Dublin this afternoon.

Mr Hickey had no comment to make to media as he made his way through security at Rio's International Airport on Wednesday night.

The 71-year-old, who was allowed to return to Ireland to seek medical attention for a heart problem is said to have already booked heart surgery in Ireland.

A bond of 410,000 was paid to the local courts by the Association of National Olympic Committees in order to allow Mr Hickey to return to Ireland.

Mr Hickey, who travelled back to Ireland from Brazil with his wife, has signed a legal document promising to comply with all aspects of the ongoing legal process in Brazil where he is implicated in the illegal selling of official Olympic tickets.

Mr Hickey denies any wrongdoing.