Updated: 21/12/16 : 11:13:42
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Apollo House hearing gets underway after adjournment

An application by the receivers of Apollo House in Dublin city centre for orders directing those occupying the building to leave it, has been adjourned briefly at the High Court.

Senior Counsel Ross Maguire told the court he was currently taking instructions from those occupying the building and he said he needed a little time to take those instructions and indicate to the court who he was appearing for.

Lawyers for the receivers said they had found it difficult to affix the court papers to the gates of Apollo House as directed by the court, as there was a large concert at the building at lunchtime yesterday.

Mr Fanning said it was 6.45pm in the evening before the papers were served.

He asked the court registrar to call any people occupying Apollo House. There was no response from anyone in court.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan said it appeared there was no one in court who was currently occupying Apollo House.  

He granted a short adjournment, but he said he would need to know who Mr Maguire's clients were, and if people occupying the building were in court.  

Mr Justice Gilligan said there would be "no speeches" in the matter.

Mr Fanning said he had instructions in relation to alternatives for those sleeping in Apollo house.  

The case is due to be heard again at 11am.

The ten-storey office building on Tara Street had been empty since the middle of last year.

But last week a group of housing activists entered the premises and have been providing accommodation to those who need shelter.

Outside the court a large number of campaign supporters have gathered.