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Sligo Today Christmas Quiz 2016

Compiled by Eugene McGloin

THIRTY QUESTIONS to try your knowledge of Sligo and surroundings over the 2016 extended holiday season. 

There are thirty points on offer in each of the five rounds. 

Each round has two four-markers, two six-markers and a ten-marker. 

The good news is that there is a ''get out of jail'' question at the end of each round. 

It may be substituted for any of the six-markers only in that round.

There may be some tickly teasers....and maybe one or more misdirections, too.

Some of the answers have surfaced throughout the past year or so in Sligo Today but not all. 

Lots of the answers can be tracked across the web but hopefully there is one or two Internet-proofed teasers in there too.

Answers to news@sligotoday.ie The correct answers with will be posted early in January 2017 DV.

Even if you haven't completed the questions please feel free to forward. 


1. Noted history account records a site in Sligo where ''800 skulls'' were piled.....in the days before the town had a cemetery. Four points for the location.

2. ''Down Harmony Hill'' was a new Sligo local history published in 2016. Name its author for four points.

3. Sligo Gas Company was incorporated, commenced, this year. Six points. Five years either side would be acceptable.

4. The Sligo Champion newspaper celebrated a big birthday in late 2016 with a special supplement. Which birthday? Six points. 

5. Ten pointer: Incidents in the same month and year saw three Sligo born Gardai killed in the line of duty. Month, year and name of each Garda for two points each.

'Get Out of Jail:' Dominican Order marked 800th anniversary of its founding on December 22nd 2016. Name all five places in Sligo town where the Order has celebrated Mass since their arrival here in 1252.


1. Won the Owen B Hunt Cup as Sligo GAA Senior Football champions in 2016 . Name the club. Four points.

2. Which player(s) who previously played at Sligo Showgrounds scored for Ireland in 2016. Four points. 

3. The Turf Club of Ireland cancelled the Sligo race meeting on Wednesday 7th September 2016 because it deemed part of the course was ''unfit for racing. How many millimetres of rain did RTE report had fallen from the previous Saturday.  You can be three out either way. Six points. 

4. Hurling - Sligo played in hurling final Croke Park in 2016. Opponents and final score each team. Six points, or two points for each correct part. 

5. Ten pointer: Two Sligo Rovers goalkeepers: First was advertised as the ''man in black'' although he never offered any proof he could sing like Johnny Cash. Second former Sligo keeper did find fame as a singer. Name both. 

'Get Out of Jail:' David Pugh from Sligo, an Ireland Under 23 international in the 1960s, mostly played out his senior soccer career with three clubs. Name them.


1. She is the woman whose name is officially above Sligo street with a new fashion shop. Name her for four points.

2. Sligo Municipal District got its first-ever female Mayor in 2016. Name for four points.

3. This woman threw the ball in at a match in The Showgrounds in 1924. Her name for six points.

4. Sligo had two female senators on January 1st last. Names please of Sligo born candidates who sought election to the Seanad later in 2016. Six points to be shared. 

5. Ten pointer: This woman gets a full page, 208, in the major new history of Sligo Rovers from 1928 to 2016. Name her. 

'Get Out of Jail:' The Yeats Society recorded a 150th birth anniversary in 2016. Name for ten points.


1. How many surnames were on the ballot paper when Sligo went to the polls in Dail election last February. Four points.

2.  Prior to John Perry's defeat last February what was the previous most recent year in which a sitting Fine Gael TD in Ballymote was defeated in a Dail contest. Four points. 

3. ''What is the next year in the Sligo political sequence 1925, 1929, 1961. Six points. 

4. Tony McLoughlin was reelected to Dáil Éireann in February 2016. Include his uncle, the late Joe McLoughlin, and how many times has the family been successful in Dail contests voted on in Sligo. Six points.

5. Ten pointer: Longest continuous serving Sligo/Leitrim TD in Dáil Éireann in the 20th century. 

'Get Out of Jail:' Former Sligo/Leitrim TD who later stood for election as President. Name and year of the Presidential contest. 


1. The Niland Collection is the name given to the group of Jack B Yeats paintings in Sligo. Who was 'Niland?' Four points.

2. ''Soldier On'' -- 'the pig is dead, now soldier on' was a new song from which Sligo singer in 2016.

3. A post-Famine Sligo emigrant to Canada and United States was a key character in one of 2016's eagerly awaited novels. Six points for book title or the author.

4. The song ''Sligo Honeymoon 1946'' compares the new bride to a famous film star and League of Ireland soccer fan. Cinema star's name for six points. 

5. Ten pointer: Artiste who once performed in Sligo collected 2016 Nobel Prize this year. Name Sligo venue and the artiste. 

'Get Out of Jail:' The death in April 2016 of Sean Byrne, the legendary promoter, recalls the 'greatest guitarist in the world' played Byrne's Baymount in Strandhill. Who was 'the greatest guitarist,' what month and year did he play Sligo? 

Answers to news@sligotoday.ie  Good luck.

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