Updated: 28/12/16 : 07:22:01
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Apollo House campaigners plan to go nationwide

'Home Sweet Home', the group driving the Apollo House occupation, has vowed to continue its campaign against homelessness - and to take it nationwide.

The take-over of Apollo House on Dublin's Tara Street is now in its 12th day and the former office block building has 40 homeless residents at the moment.

While some of the original residents have since moved onto longer-term accommodation, Apollo is receiving referrals daily from the city's soup kitchens.

RTÉ reports that the ten-storey office building had been empty since the middle of last year.

The High Court has ordered the residents to vacate the premises by 11 January after an action brought by the receivers.

The Home Sweet Home campaign and Irish Housing Network are not ruling out seeking an extension to the court-mandated deadline to vacate the building.

However they said the focus is on finding a long-term alternative and on applying political pressure.

Spokeswoman Rosie Leonard said the campaign will be expanded to other cities around the country.

However in Sligo there was controversey as one occupation of a building, thought to have been an Apollo House style takeover, sparked a furious public backlash. See link below.

Link: Sligo Today 23/12/2016