Updated: 30/12/16 : 05:04:09
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Sligo part of drive to bring 100,000 home

Ireland is aiming to entice 100,000 people back from overseas to work in the rapidly expanding economy by 2019.

However, a high taxation system coupled with the spiralling cost of accommodation and housing are emerging as major obstacles to persuading skilled Irish workers, who moved overseas since 2008, to return home.

The 'Home For Work' campaign, organised as part of national recruitment day, staged special information sessions yesterday in Sligo, Cork, Galway and and Athlone, with all attracting large crowds.

In Sligo, recruitment specialist Collins McNicholas hosted it's session in The Glass House Hotel yesterday followed by a preview and tour of the new Building Block premises in the heart of the town's financial district, Stephen Street.

The Building Block is a new co-working space providing hot-desks, dedicated desks and private office suites for startups and small businesses, and will open its doors officially in early 2017.  See link below.

Over the past 12 months, the number of Irish people returning home has almost doubled.

The latest Central Statistics Office (CSO) data shows that, in the year to April 2016, the number of immigrants of Irish nationality soared by 74pc.

It is estimated that, between 2008 and 2014, roughly 50pc of those who left because of Ireland's economic and financial crisis have returned home.

The four information sessions were run by recruitment specialists, Collins McNicholas, who stressed that dozens of Irish-based firms now have vacancies for skilled workers.

Regional manager Rory Walsh said a significant element in the increasing number of Irish people seeking to return home is the fact that many have worked overseas since 2008 and now want to raise families back in Ireland.

Link: Sligo Today 28/12/2016