Updated: 03/01/17 : 12:33:00
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€709,000 Investment for Computers and ICT equipment for Sligo and Leitrim Schools

Fine Gael T.D. for Sligo Leitrim, Tony McLoughlin has welcomed the allocation of €708,907 for new ICT and computer equipment for schools in Sligo and Leitrim by the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton T.D. today. See link below

This was funding for Sligo and Leitrim was announced as a part of a €30m investment by Government in ICT infrastructure for primary and post-primary schools. Today’s announcement marks the start of the implementation of the government’s €210 Million Digital Strategy for Schools, which aims to bring Irish schools in line with new developments in ICT infrastructure.

The grant is worth approximately €4,000 for a 100 pupil school and approximately €11,000 for a 500 pupil school at primary level. At post-primary level, the Minister said that the grant is worth circa €15,000 for a 500 student school, and over €27,000 for a 1,000 student school. The funding will support the development and implementation of an eLearning Plan for each school to embed ICT in teaching and learning.

In Sligo 80 schools will receive €469,753, whilst in Leitrim 46 schools will receive €239,154.

Examples of the infrastructure that schools can purchase with this funding are:

Teaching computers/shared student computers. These may include desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices.

Projectors including short throw or ultra-short throw, long throw, interactive, or interactive flat screens (IFS).

Cloud based tools and applications to support learning.

Learning platforms – these are generally cloud based applications used to support the teaching and learning process.

Fine Gael in Government is using our economic progress to invest in communities around the country and ensure that everyone can benefit from the recovery currently under way. Education is just one important element of this approach.

Link: Sligo Today 3/1/2017