Updated: 05/01/17 : 07:50:57
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High Speed Broadband now a reality in Geevagh / Ballyfarnon

Good news for the residents of Geevagh / Ballyfarnon who back in early 2015 set about campaigning to get a realistic high speed internet service for their area.

After setting up a Facebook page they set up a committee and enlisted the support of the community and politicians, both national and local, their campaign started.

Campaigner John Deignan said, “We set up the page initially just to get working broadband for the Geevagh / Ballyfarnon area. We achieved our goal by getting the exchange upgraded which mean speeds of up to 18 Mbps in Ballyfarnon and 5 Mbps in Geevagh.
"We then pushed further and tried to be included in the FIBRE TO THE HOME TRIAL, which despite huge local support and a large written and audio/visual submission we were informed we were unsuccessful, only to be told shortly afterwards by EIR that we were going to get Fibre to the cabinet i.e. 40 Mbps broadband then that was changed to what is now a reality Fibre to the Home, FTTH (a fibre connection right into the house, no more copper), or in layman’s terms up to 1,000 Mbps Broadband. This is now live with many homes receiving break-neck speeds. See image of test above

"This communications infrastructure has future- proofed our area for at least another generation and while not every part of our community has been covered, having the infrastructure in place means an efficient and timely roll out will be enabled for the more remote areas once the national broadband scheme is rolled out.”

What does this mean for the area in general,

it means we are now ready to host any web based business that is looking for a rural base to locate its operation,

Hotels can now host fully interactive conferences and offer high speed internet to every room in their premises,

Churches can broadcast masses, funerals and weddings live,

Schools can interact with companies (NASA) etc. for educational purposes,

It will, through time, prove a huge asset to the farming community

All of that in top of the benefits to our homes,

faster more reliable communications,

more choice of streaming TV,

better communications options

Ability to work from home

and the list goes on.

Mr Deignan continued, “With this said I think we have achieved the goal we set out to achieve, this could not have become a reality without the co-operation of so many people and a community who know what pulling together is all about. Our campaign page will be archived and disappear in the coming weeks so we take this opportunity again to thank everyone for making the dream of fast broadband a reality in Geevagh / Ballyfarnon.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this achievement.”