Updated: 05/01/17 : 07:59:49
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Cancer charity defends 'Get Cancer' campaign

The Irish Cancer Society is defending its hard-hitting #IWantToGetCancer campaign.

The charity has come under fire for controversial posters telling people to 'Get Cancer'.

Speaking to today's Irish Examiner, Head of Communications Gráinne O'Rourke, said they didn't deliberately set out to upset anyone.

She also clarifies they want people to 'understand' the illness rather than 'contract' it.

"‘I Want to Get Cancer’ is designed to be provocative, it has to be to save lives,"” said Ms O’Rourke.

"However, it was not intended to upset anyone who has cancer or lost someone to cancer. It was designed to get a conversation going on the issue.

"For too long we have spoken about cancer in hushed tones and with a sense of fear and avoidance. Some people even think cancer is inevitable. We want to change that."