Updated: 10/01/17 : 06:33:35
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High-risk sex offender loose in Sligo

A former US attorney extradited from the United States to face child pornography charges is wandering loose on the streets of Sligo having served a two-year prison sentence.

Gerard Gilligan (65) has been moving between local hostels and hotels over the Christmas season with other guests apparently unaware of his past.

Gilligan has convictions for aggravated sexual assault and possession of child pornography in 2009 in Sligo.

Paul Deering writing in this week's Sligo Champion highlights Gilligan's extradition, arrest, subsequent jailing and current whereabouts.

Having failed to find accommodation in Dublin on his release from prison Gilligan returned to Sligo where he claims to have distant relatives.

In 2000 he was jailed for three years in the US for aggravated sexual assault and came to Sligo in 2009.

The high-risk offender, likely to re-offend according to a probation report, has also been sleeping rough in the area as authorities try to find suitable accommodation.

He is currently in receipt of a 50 per day accommodation allowance.

Full story in this week's Sligo Champion.