Updated: 11/01/17 : 05:10:26
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Sligo rally support for homeless at Apollo House

SLIGO WILL rally in support of homeless at Apollo House later today, Wednesday.

The Dublin office block is due to be vacated this morning by order of the High Court.

Today, several nationwide rallies are schedule to take place in support of several dozen homeless who occupied Apollo House shortly before Christmas.

The Sligo rally is due to commence at the Town Hall at 1pm, not noon as earlier reported, online invites have indicated.

Meanwhile, Home Sweet Home, the group behind the occupation of the former office block, has claimed that accommodation offered to residents of Apollo House was "completely unsuitable to their needs".

"Home Sweet Home
will, as per the agreement, only leave when the residentís needs have been met. The long and short term needs of the residents, and only when they have been met will the residents and Home Sweet Home be leaving Apollo House," the group said in a statement.

The campaigners will appeal to the High Court this morning for an extension to today's noon deadline to vacate the building until the needs of those accommodated there are met by the authorities.