Updated: 11/01/17 : 15:26:42
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Three young female tourists savagely attacked in Dublin upmarket suburb

Gardai are appealing for witnesses after three female tourists were attacked in Killiney, Co Dublin early this morning.

The three American women, aged in their early 20s, were walking along Killiney Road to catch a bus to the airport when they were attacked by two men in white hoodies, according to gardai.

One of the girls (22) was physically assaulted and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment.

Local woman Stephanie O'Connor (26) from Killiney, Co Dublin told Independent.ie that she woke up after hearing the girls scream for help.

“At 5:40 this morning I woke up to a girl screaming ‘help’ outside my house. When I looked outside I saw a girl running and screaming outside. I saw a car nearby and bags lying on the ground. My initial reaction was that the girl was being kidnapped so I ran after her to see if I could help.”

Ms O’Connor said when she went outside she saw three American girls “in hysterics”.

“They were walking to the Fitzpatrick Hotel to get the bus to the airport to catch a flight home to America but they were attacked by two men who stole their bags.

“They noticed the men following them but it was only a ten minute walk to the bus.

“One of the girls was physically assaulted and she had a bust lip, broken teeth and a bloody mouth. She was in shock and her friends were frantically trying to calm her down.”

It’s believed two men were involved and one of the male offenders is described as being of average height and build, wearing a white jumper, according to gardai.

Ms O’Connor said the girls were “devastated” as their passports, travel documents and money had all been stolen.

“They can’t fly home today now. They’ll have to go to the American Embassy to get new travel documents and one of the girls will need to go to hospital.”

She said that the girls were so frightened that they wouldn’t come into her house to calm down.

“I tried to approach them and they were frantic. I ran home and called the guards but the girl who was attacked was terrified. They were very much in shock.

“It’s insane that somebody would do that to a group of young tourists.”

It’s believed the three girls were studying for a short time in Ireland before they were attacked.

Ms O‘Connor, who has been living in Killiney all her life, said that after this morning’s attack and the recent stabbing in Killiney on Christmas Eve, she’s “terrified” to walk outside.

“I will definitely not walk home alone or even with a group of girls. Those girls were in a group and they were still attacked. It doesn’t even feel safe for girls to be in a group anymore.”