Updated: 12/01/17 : 06:18:56
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Apollo House occupiers risk arrest and jail for contempt of court

Anyone still inside Apollo House in Dublin could be held in contempt of court, if they haven't left by the time the High Court is updated at 10.30am this morning, Thursday.

They were due to leave by noon yesterday, after the court refused to grant a one-week extension to an order to leave the NAMA owned building.

Shortly after Mr. Justice Paul Gilligan refused to extend the order, the Home Sweet Home group announced it was not going to comply.

At least eight people remained inside the derelict building in Dublin city after the deadline of noon yesterday passed. Supporters linked arms outside the building. Banners with messages like “HOMES NOT HOSTELS” hung overhead. The application for an extension came on the back of claims the Housing Minister Simon Coveney hadn’t met assurances that those occupying Apollo House would be offered safe and suitable accommodation.

The campaigners were looking for one more week to allow that to happen, but Mr. Justice Gilligan said it was for the Government and not the courts to resolve the dispute over the suitability of alternatives.

The case is due to come before him again at 10.30am this morning. Anyone who defies the order could be held in contempt of court and arrested.