Updated: 12/01/17 : 12:15:00
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Vulture funds curtailing legislation for Dáil discussion

The People Before Profit Anti Austerity Alliance has published legislation, which it says would stop vulture funds from evicting tenants when selling properties.

The proposals - which will be debated in the Dáil next week - would ban eviction on the grounds of sale.

However, it's unlikely the legislation will pass as neither the Government or Fianna Fáil are likely to support it.

Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett, says those parties don't want to upset the vulture funds: "This bill is actually trying to extablish rights that protect tenants from eviction, that give them some sort of security, in terms of rent and their standing, but in a way that does impact on landlords.

"I guarantee you that Simon Coveney will not support it for that reason."