Updated: 13/01/17 : 08:24:54
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Apollo House now totally vacated - (Sligo rally pics)

The last resident of Apollo house has left the building.

It follows a High Court order to vacate the NAMA owner office block.

The man had refused to leave yesterday and agreed to move elsewhere after talks with Gardaí and homeless campaigners last night.

However Home Sweet Home says they will continue their efforts to raise the plight of rough sleepers.

Rosi Leonard from Home Sweet Home, said it was emotional to leave Apollo House: "I feel amazing, because I feel I’m part of a community of people that formed at Apollo House.

"And you have absolutely no intention of letting it end at just the gates of Apollo House.

"We did something extraordinary which was we managed to save lives and we managed to give people dignity and we managed to empower people whose voices weren’t being listened to."

Meanwhile in Sligo a rally at City Hall on Wednesday, in support of Home Sweet Home, was attended by a small but dedicated group of concerned campaigners.

                                                    A young campaigner at the Sligo rally