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Sligo election candidates' files referred to Gardaí

On November 25th, 2016, the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) sent 66 files to Garda Headquarters concerning the candidates who had failed to return the required statutory documentation in relation to last year’s Seanad and Dáil elections.

These referrals include candidates/election agents (EAs) who failed to return donation statements, certificates of monetary donations, statutory declarations, statements from a financial institution, or election expenses statements.

In the Sligo /Leitrim constituency two candidates' files have been referred to Gardaí.

Bernard Sweeney, the first member of the Traveller community to stand for election locally, stood as an Independent and did not return the required statutory documentation to the commission.

Leslie O'Hora, Green Party, based in Leitrim, failed to provide clarification or further details as requested by the commission and was therefore referred to the gardaí for action.

The most notable politician named is the Fine Gael Deputy Leader Senator James Reilly. He is being referred to gardaí for failing to prove an excess donation was returned to a donor.

Mr Reilly received €1,000 in a cash donation. The maximum that candidates can receive in cash is €200.

SIPO is awaiting confirmation that the excess amount of €800 was returned to the donor.

"I put my hand up, I forgot to give a receipt ... I declared the €1,000, realised the error when pointed out to me and handed €800 back," Senator Reilly explained.

He added that "if there's any upside, it's clear that SIPO are doing their job".

He added that the issue was "nobody's fault but mine".

The first list below shows the 23 people who failed to provide any documentation to the commission and were referred to the gardaí.


No documentation provided

Bullman, Paddy – Non Party, Cork East
Cannon, Ross – Non Party, Cork East
DeBrun, Marcus – Non Party, Dublin Fingal
Dillon, Michael – Non Party, Tipperary
Dwyer, Michael (EA for Patrick Manning) – Non Party, Carlow/Kilkenny
Horgan, John (EA for Ross Cannon) – Non Party, Cork East
Hourihane, Elizabeth – Non Party, Cork South Central
Keohane, Ger – Non Party, Cork North Central
Kiely, Thomas – Non Party, Cork North Central
MacStiofain, Alan – Non Party, Dublin Bay South
Manning, Patrick – Non Party, Carlow/Kilkenny
McAdam, Seamus (EA for James Mee) – Non Party, Cavan/Monaghan
Mee, James – Non Party, Cavan/Monaghan
Na hEaladh, Greim (EA for Niamh O’Brien) – Fís Nua, Clare
Ó Cadhla, Diarmaid – Non Party, Cork South Central
Ó Conaráin, Proinsias – Non Party, Dublin Bay North
O’Brien, Niamh – Fís Nua, Clare
O’Connell, Fergal – Non Party, Dublin Fingal
Riordan, Denis – Non Party, Limerick City
Smith, Emmet – Non Party, Cavan/Monaghan
Summerville-Molloy, Joan – Non Party, Dublin South West
Sweeney, Bernard – Non Party, Sligo Leitrim
Tyrrell, Sarah – Renua Ireland, Meath East

The second list shows the 43 people who failed to provide the required documentation or have not provided clarification or further details as requested by the commission and were referred to the gardaí.

 Incomplete documentation

Leslie, Antonia (EA for Aoife O’Connell) – Direct Democracy Ireland, Cavan/Monaghan
Beirne, Michael – Non Party, Kildare North
Connor, Anthony – Direct Democracy Ireland, Louth
Deegan, Liam (EA for Michael McDermott) – Direct Democracy Ireland, Cavan/Monaghan
Duffy, Francis Noel – The Green Party, Dublin South West
Fitzgerald, Shane – Renua Ireland, Kildare North
Gilroy, Ben – Direct Democracy Ireland, Meath East
Greene, Patrick – Direct Democracy Ireland, Louth
Griffin, Shirley – Non Party, Cork North West
Hayes, Desmond J – Non Party, Limerick City
Healy, Christopher – Direct Democracy Ireland, Dublin Mid-West
Heffernan, James – The Social Democrats, Limerick County
Hunt, Carol – Non Party, Dún Laoghaire
Jackson, Donal – Non Party, Longford/Westmeath
Jordan, Peter – Non Party, Mayo
Kenneally, Ciarán – Renua Ireland, Cork South Central
Killian, Nicholas (EA for Sharon Keogan) – Non Party, Meath East
McDermott, Michael – Direct Democracy Ireland, Cavan/Monaghan
McDonagh, Seamus – The Workers’ Party, Meath East
McElhinney, George (EA for Tracey McElhinney) – The Labour Party, Meath West
McElhinney, Tracey – The Labour Party, Meath West
McGarvey, Ian – Non Party, Donegal
Miller, James – Non Party, Longford/Westmeath
Mohally, Michael – Non Party, Cork South Central
Molloy, Gerry – Renua Ireland, Dublin Fingal
Mooney, Michael – Non Party, Donegal
Moore, Sinead – The Green Party, Laois
Murray, Gabriel (EA for Noel Walsh) – Non Party, Carlow/Kilkenny
Ó Céadaigh, Cón (EA for Charlie Keddy) – Non Party, Wicklow
O’Boyle, Gerry – Non Party, Mayo
O’Connell, Aoife – Direct Democracy Ireland, Cavan/Monaghan
O’Connell, Louis (EA for Brendan Griffin, Jimmy Deenihan and Grace O’Donnell) – Fine Gael, Kerry (Queries on EES claims for all three candidates and request for outstanding invoices for Griffin and Deenihan)
O’Gorman, John – Non Party, Limerick County
O’Neill, Damien – Non Party, Dublin Bay North
O’Hora, Leslie V – The Green Party, Sligo/Leitrim
Powell, Gillian – Non Party, Cork South West
Reilly, James – Fine Gael, Dublin Fingal
Ryan-Freehan, Teresa – Non Party, Offaly
Sheridan, Seamus – Non Party, Galway West
Smyth, Mary – Non Party, Cavan Monaghan
Tierney, Eoin – Non Party, Dublin Bay South
Timmons, Francis – Non Party, Dublin Mid-West
Whitehead, Raymond – Direct Democracy Ireland, Dún Laoghaire