Updated: 16/01/17 : 07:50:04
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RTE dancing in the dark, truly awful

By Eugene McGloin

DIN JOE is a name known, only, to people of a certain age in Ireland.

He presented a radio show called ''Take The Floor'' more than fifty years ago.

A later generation found it funny and made a joke about the idea of ''dancing on the radio.''

That's what it was, too, Ceili dancing to boot, in which host Din Joe Fitzpatrick called the steps.

Week after week it was the same. It was beloved of a generation whose main superlatives of praise was often confined to saying: ''Not Bad.''

If they were in really expansive and generous moods the superlatives of praise might be rack-stretched to saying: ''Not Bad At All.''

Do us a favour. Use the RTE Player to count the number of superlatives used during on RTE's new ''Dancing With The Stars.''

Wasted Hours

Maybe do us all a favour and do NOT waste two hours of your life on this overlong and undercooked recipe for prime time TV.

St. Peter might write it in his book how you wasted two hours!

Din Joe did dancing on the radio back in the day but this (new) TV show does recorded music on the TV.

Memo to RTE's Bright Young Things: BP Fallon and Larry Gogan had exactly that same idea for TV.....53 years ago. It was Pickin' The Pops.

One final prediction: Din Joe is still remembered half a century later. 

RTE's latest offering will be lucky to remembered at all in December 2020. 

Such a waste of budgets. Last night like watching paint dry. Only less exciting. 

RTE should be ashamed of its waste of taxpayer funds and its continued dumbing down.

Thankfully, did enjoy both Amy Huberman and Tommy Tiernan's funny joust with Ray D'Arcy, their roles reversed.