Updated: 19/01/17 : 06:35:58
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Consultant missed thirteen cancer cases

The HSE has commissioned an external review of bowl screening measures in County Wexford.

It is after thirteen cases of cancer were found - following a recall of over 600 patients in Wexford General Hospital.

In October 2014, W-G-H identified cancer in two patients who had recently undergone a colonoscopy - but were not diagnosed.

It conducted an immediate review of colonoscopies conducted under the care of one particular consultant at the hospital between 2013 and 2014.

Of the 615 patients recalled as part of the look-back policy - 401 were deemed necessary to have a repeat colonoscopy.

In total, 13 cancers were detected.

Of the 13 cancers detected on recall, one case involved a man who died before the review.

The hospital says the consultant concerned has been on leave since 2015.

WGH also began an immediate process of disclosure to the relevant patients and families, and has apologised on behalf of the hospital for any failings.

The hospital says the HSE is confident that services are operating to a high standard, but is commissioning an external expert to review the Quality Assurance measures in place and the overall management of the incident.