Updated: 20/01/17 : 12:13:55
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Northern politicians shocked by Paisley's tribute to McGuinness

Politicians in the North have been reacting with "shock" to an emotional tribute to Martin McGuinness - from the DUP's Ian Paisley Junior (pictured).

The former First Minister’s son said "thank you" to Mr McGuinness - who he said “saved lives” and “made countless lives better”.

Mr McGuinness last night announced his resignation from electoral politics - and Sinn Féin's new leader in the North will be announced next week.

His friend and former Republican prisoner Danny Morrison says Ian Paisley Junior's words show the way forward for the North: "It stunned everybody, what a powerful statement to come from a person of Ian Paisley Junior's background.

"Other presbyterian ministers and former policemen have sent him private messages, but you know I just hope that some of the unionist leaders, if they could adopt some of that grace, we will have a real peace and reconcililation process."