Updated: 24/01/17 : 11:06:46
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Carlow woman sues jailed husband over death of sons

A Carlow woman who sued her husband over the deaths of their sons says no amount of money would be an appropriate award in her case.

Kathleen Chada obtained a High Court judgement of more than 77,500 yesterday.

45-year-old Sanjeev Chada, whose address is at Arbour Hill prison in Dublin, was jailed for life for the murders of the boys, who were 10 and five when they died.

Kathleen says she does not expect to get any of the money, and that is not what the proceedings were about: "Yesterday was just part of a process, just part of a separation proceedings really.

"That's how I would have viewed it, I didn't expect it to make news.

"Maybe I underestimated things a little bit.

"But that's all it is, he doesn't have funds himself that I'm aware of so it is just part of that process."