Updated: 25/01/17 : 07:35:16
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Sligo councillors in line for new cash

EIGHTEEN SLIGO politicians have been given a hike in their money this week.

Modest people they all are, they've kept 'mum' so far about the top-up treat from the Department of Minister Simon Coveney.

Today it's exactly eleven months to Christmas Day 2017 and all that but our burghers won't be kept waiting that long.

The members of our new Municipal Districts have more work to do since their election in May 2014, it has been officially decided. 

That's how popular website the journal.ie related the details and the cash yesterday, Tuesday.

The 1,000 sweetener, confirmed on Monday it seems, should go a long way to softening the cough of those who want borough councils brought back.

Not Grown

You see, Minister Coveney's office has also let it be known that councillors whose area(s) have not grown in size since 2014 are not entitled to the new money.

Besides they got extra councillors in those places to do that (extra) work. 

So for the, eh, equally hard working councillors in cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway  its 'no dice' as far as the new dosh goes.

Seems lucky then that none of our Sligo politicians ever got us upgraded to the status of a city.

Now that principle of increased workload since 2014 has been established, can we expect to have a 'regular review' of the rate pencilled in. Hear Hear. Unanimous then?  Next business.