Updated: 25/01/17 : 08:59:33
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Flexitime risks at Sligo hospital identified by HSE

An internal HSE audit has strongly criticised how the flexitime scheme is being operated at Sligo University Hospital.

A total of 12 ‘risks’ were identified in the report, released to Shannonside FM, and management have been told to carry out a root and branch review.

Flexitime is a system of working a set number of hours, with the starting and finishing times chosen within agreed limits by the employee.

Staff availing of flexitime at Sligo hospital had 776 flexi-leave calendar days in leave-year 2014/2015.

The audit claims there’s a lack of strategic management direction in the operation and implementation of the flexitime scheme at the hospital.

Several noncompliances were identified, including flexi-leave being approved despite an entitlement for it being exceeded.

In one case, an employee availed of almost 21 flexi-leave days in the 12-month period, well above the maximum entitlement of 13 days a year.

It was also found that sometimes staff were approving their own adjustments.

Disparities were found, such as a staff member recorded as on leave absence on one system, while shown as working on the other system for the same date.

The audit calls on hospital management to carry out a ‘root-and-branch review’ of the flexitime and claims controls should be put in place to address all current weaknesses.

In response, management said that its human resources department would conduct a review of the scheme, including quarterly audits, while training workshops are also being carried out around the application of the procedures manual.