Updated: 26/01/17 : 05:39:08
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Stardust 'kicked down the road' by dilly dalliers

By Eugene McGloin

THE STARDUST official memorial contains powerful words and images which belong to wartime.

Long before the park was opened in memory of all those young people who died I'd used the same quote after visiting their homes that first awful Christmas of 1981.

The year itself had been horrific, bookended by the 48 who died in the Stardust, then the ten hunger strike deaths, then the IRA slayings of four young police officers right after their wives gave birth.

Never Close

Heroin had also officially arrived on the streets of Dublin that year; little did we know that scourge would open for us the gates of Hell and never close them.

The quotation on the Stardust memorial speaks to ALL those dead and all those who have been scourged.

It says: ''Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.'' 

However, in the intervening years, more than once, I've felt that quote has (slyly) turned turtle for those caught by the tragedy.

Take Burden

Those four decades have -- without relent -- 'condemned' the survivors, the Stardust families to a weary, weary world of continuous campaigns.

How else to clear the names of all they loved and all those they lost. They've been left to fight the (lonely) fight. 

What then was it that stopped the Cabinet last night from shouting 'Stop,' what stopped all of them from saying we will take your burden.

Instead, and incredibly, the burden of producing 'new' evidence REMAINS this Thursday with the families. It is an appalling vista.

There is NOTHING in the process the Cabinet offered last night which represents and/or vindicates the rights of those who died that Friday 13th into Valentines Day.

Rightly in my view the TD Tommy Broughan has accused the Cabinet of merely kicking the can further down the road.

He sought the establishment of a Commission of inquiry to probe new evidence provided by a researcher.

That researcher has reviewed all the papers, including statements not on the public record.

Senior Years

The Government's tardiness will do little for its reputation after its lifetime.

Fianna Fáil has failed, too, on this issue over four decades and yesterday was a chance for it to shine, to be innovative.

Yesterday was a chance for all the dilly dalliers in the Dáil to do something.

They had the chance to offer a chance for 'closure' to campaigners as they move into their more senior years.