Updated: 26/01/17 : 07:43:03
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World :: The eight-year-old killed by terrorist bomb

The Hussains are one of many families in mourning after Saturday's bomb attack in the city of Parachinar in north-west Pakistan.

One of the poorest in the area, the family depends on wages earned by Jamil Hussain, a labourer in Karachi, and his 15-year-old son, Sabil Hussain, who works at a poultry shop in Parachinar.

Sabil's younger brother, Altaf, 12, takes a handcart to the city's vegetable market each morning which he hires to traders who buy vegetables at auction and need to move them to their shops.

Until last Saturday, his eight-year-old brother, Zain Haider, used to go with him to the market to scavenge leftover vegetables for the family kitchen.

On Saturday, while Zain was stuffing the vegetable waste into a shopping bag, Altaf was asked by a trader to cart his merchandise and he told Zain to wait for him there.

Minutes later the bomb went off, blowing smoke, dust and bits of shattered crates and vegetables into the air.

"Altaf couldn't return to find Zain immediately because there was a commotion and people were running helter-skelter all over the place," says Sabil Hussain, whose poultry shop is 10 minute's walk from the site of the blast.

"Half an hour later I went home to find Altaf in a state of shock. He was pale. He said he couldn't find Zain but was able to find his shoes, a pair of worn-out trainers, which he brought home."

Zain was proclaimed dead at a hospital where local transporters had rushed all the dead and injured.

Twenty-five people were killed on the spot.

The attack is the eighth major bombing in Parachinar since 2007. More than 500 people have died in these attacks. Many more have been killed in smaller attacks.

"By this count, Parachinar is the second most frequently targeted city by the militants after Peshawar," says Haji Faqir Hussain, the head of a council of elders of local tribes.