Updated: 26/01/17 : 13:32:51
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World :: Trump approves of waterboarding torture

US President Donald Trump has said he believes waterboarding works, stating "we have to fight fire with fire".

Mr Trump said that while radical groups beheaded people in the Middle East "we're not playing on an even field".

But Mr Trump also said he would consult the Defence Secretary and CIA chief and if they don't want to do it that's fine".

Both have indicated opposition to reintroducing the interrogation method, widely considered a form of torture.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta told the BBC it would be a "serious mistake to take a backward step" on torture.

What is waterboarding?

It is an interrogation process that causes the subject to experience the sensation of drowning.

The subject is strapped to an angled board facing down and a cloth is placed over their mouth. Water is poured over the face, creating the feeling that the lungs are filling with water.

Meanwhile a draft document has come into the hands of US media that suggests other actions, although Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer said it was not a White House document.

The draft order would scrap Mr Obama's move to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

It also calls for a review into whether the "black sites" programme should be reintroduced.

Black sites were locations overseas where the CIA carried out interrogation techniques like waterboarding post 9/11. They were closed by Mr Obama.

The Obama directive giving the Red Cross timely access to all detainees could also be revoked.