Updated: 30/01/17 : 04:53:39
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Sligo man hits at shamrock 'grovel' towards Trump

A SLIGO man believes the Taoiseach will ''grovel at the feet'' of Donald Trump if he gives him a bowl of shamrock this year.

Martin Ford grabbed headlines in The Sunday Times for his remarks yesterday.

He urged that ''for a change'' the shamrock should be brought by the Taoiseach this year to Berlin or Paris.

The newspaper made his remarks their lead letter on a page which is one of the most popular in its many pages.

No Gain

It's heading summarised Ford's views on the current controversy; ''there's no gain in grovelling for no hint of respect,'' it said.

But the Taoiseach firmly insisted yesterday that he will go to Washington to present President Trump with shamrock for St Patrick's Day 2017.

Said Ford's letter: ''Donald Trump intends to deport illegal immigrants, which would include thousands of Irish citizens.

''I wonder what is the point of our politicians going to America on March 17 when the new president has no interest in Ireland or its people?

''Why should Taoiseach Enda Kenny grovel at the feet of Trump with a bowl of shamrock when he does not respect us?

''I would say the same to other party leaders, TDs, senators and councillors: do not homage, stay at home with your own people who elect you.

''Our future now is with the EU, not with America. 

''Why doesn't the Taoiseach bring the bowl of shamrock to Berlin or Paris for a change?''

The Taoiseach has rung Martin Ford's mobile in the past re: his protests on paying for water.

Ford has also been a long-time critic of all politicians' trips abroad for St Patrick's Day.