Updated: 31/01/17 : 05:10:25
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Fair Green sports facility for April, scaled back

Special Report

ALL WEATHER sports facilities at the Fairgreen will be open to the public within weeks.

Football and basketball amenities will be provided in the initial phase, to open in April.

Work will be completed by the end of March, residents in the area have learned.

The new facilities will include a 28 metres by 18 metres all weather, multi use pitch ''suitable for football and basketball.''

Ducting will also be included future lighting of the facility, plus all drainage works.

Entrance will be from Temple Street and a new gravel walkway will be constructed in the coming weeks.

The Fair Green site has lain idle for decades and at one stage a controversial proposal emerge to create a paying car park on the site. See links below.

Original Costing

Residents, however, have learned from local public representatives that the upcoming development has been scaled back from its original plan.

That original proposal to develop the Fair Green was costed at 589,000.

That was the figure provided by the Council's executive to Sligo Borough Council, since abolished.

Sums received for all works to date were 80,000 and more recently 35,000.

It remains unclear as to whether Sligo County Council will offer any 'matching money' from its own budgets for the work.

Sizeable Proportion

Chris MacManus , shortly to become a co-opted member of Sligo County Council, wrote to local residents last weekend.

''While this has not been enough to cover all requirements for the project, it has allowed a sizeable proportion of the Fairgreen to be developed,'' said the letter.

He outlined the two separate grants which have been received in recent years for works at the Fairgreen.

The incoming member of Sligo County Council described the process of delivering the Fair Green as ''long and difficult.'

Future works identified by MacManus include: A pathway for cycling, jogging and walking, plus landscaping and seating.

Finally, outgoing Sinn Fein councillor Sean MacManus said in 2013 that he had ''spent the guts of 20 years'' pursuing this project.