Updated: 31/01/17 : 07:09:35
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EU Commissioner for Apple tax hearing by Oireachtas Finance committee

The EU Commissioner behind the Apple tax ruling is to appear before the Oireachtas Finance committee later.

Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager will be outlining the EU position on the ruling that ordered Ireland to recoup €13bn in tax from Apple.

The government is appealing the decision - and rejecting the Commission's finding that Ireland gave Apple preferential tax treatment.

Committee member Paul Murphy of the Anti Austerity Alliance claims the government's position shows it cares more about protecting multi-nationals than citizens:

"The way the Government sees their own role, is not to protect the interests of the people in this country, not to have more money for investment in health, education or housing, but instead to protect the interests of these massive multi-nationals like Apple, like Google, like Facebook."