Updated: 31/01/17 : 10:38:32
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Sligo 'Hello Brain Talk' with Prof Sabina Brennan

Many people may feel that memory loss and dementia are inevitable parts of ageing.

In this Brain Health Talk, Sabina Brennan of Trinity College Dublin explains that this is not necessarily the case.

On Wednesday February 1st  7.30pm at Sligo's Clayton ( Clarion) Hotel, Sabina will explain that scientific evidence is starting to show that our lifestyle can have a major impact on how our brain functions and reacts to the ageing process.

In her her lively and entertaining talk she will give tips and practical advice on things that we can do now to protect our brain and memory in the longer term. The evidence to date suggests that its never too late or too early to start looking after our brain health.

Think of it like a pension fund. Healthy brain habits now build the brainís cognitive reserve. Itís a lodgement, like money in the bank for later in life.

The talk is of interest to all, community members, students, community activists ,practitioners  we all want to have healthy cells in our brain banks for as long as we live.  An added  treat on the night is some beautiful harp playing from Andy Gowan.

To book call 087 1776386 / 086 6000757  or email sligolendahand@hotmail.com