Updated: 31/01/17 : 11:09:33
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Taoiseach should visit White House on St Patrick's Day - Coveney

Simon Coveney says it would be a poor decision for the Taoiseach not to travel to the White House on St Patrick's Day.

The Minister said the opportunity should be used to make Ireland's position clear to Donald Trump.

There have been calls for Enda Kenny to cancel the trip, in the wake of President Trump's travel ban.

However Minister Simon Coveney says the St Patrick's Day visit is an opportunity for the Taoiseach: "I think it would be a poor decision by Ireland and the Irish Government if we decided not to go to the US on St Patrick's Day.

"Absolutely I think he should go, the mature and long historic relationship between Ireland and the US is very very strong and we should be using that relationship at the moment to ensrue that the Irish position in relation to US policy is understood."