Updated: 01/02/17 : 04:54:31
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'Sligo chaos' book takes top award in UK

A NOVEL arising from a character's ''chaos left behind in Sligo'' won Britain's top literary award last night, Tuesday

Worth £30,000 sterling it is the second time author Sebastian Barry has taken the overall Costa award.

Family Roots

It is also the second Costa in one month for the book, ''Days Without End; early in 2017 it took the Costa Novel Award. 

Several of Barry's novels and plays have been inspired by Sligo, where his family long have roots.

Another of Barry's novels, ''The Secret Scripture'' -- heavily inspired by events in Sligo -- has been made into a film which will have its Irish premiere shortly.

Meanwhile, the latest award winning book drew praise on sides of the Atlantic.

Notably, The Guardian in the UK recalled the parallel's with Barry's previous winner.

Fever Dream

''Days Without End,'' said the newspaper, ''is a fever dream of a novel that has much in common, particularly in terms of style, with Barry’s prize-winning ''The Secret Scripture,'' presents us with Thomas McNulty, who has crossed the Atlantic to rebuild his life. 

''The traumatic chaos of what he has left behind in Sligo – his family dead from famine, his country “starved in her stocking feet. And she had no stockings.''

Last night's ceremony to announce the winner was held in central London.

Accepting his award, said Barry: ''You nearly had the first instance of a posthumous winner, I got such a fright!"

The book was hailed by the judges as ''a searing, magnificent and incredibly moving description of how the West was won.''