Updated: 02/02/17 : 07:04:09
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Public pensions may become unsustainable - IBEC

A business group is warning the government that if it does not get a handle on public pensions, they will become unsustainable within a generation.

IBEC says public pay should not be accelerated in excess of what already has been agreed.

The group has outlined a number of proposals to the Commission on Public Service Pay and has called for greater analysis of the pay and pensions premium that exists.

IBEC's Maeve McElwee says public service workers are currently getting a good deal: "The importance for the Lansdowne Road Agreement and the work of the public pay commission is that public service pay is actually keeping pace with areas that are stripping pay with private sector in pay comparisons.

"Therefore the unwinding of the Lansdowne Road agreement and Sempi should be managed in accordance with the time-frame already agreed."