Updated: 06/02/17 : 05:48:15
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Priest, massgoer exchange words over chatter

A SLIGO town priest exchanged words with a massgoer over chatter at the back of the church.

The incident happened at the weekend during an anniversary Mass in the Friary.

Saturday afternoon is usually one of the best attended events each week. 

Before the ceremonies commence a group of over a dozen males had gathered and stood together at the rear of the chapel.

Saturday's celebrant stopped briefly during the Mass itself because of audible chatter near the rear. 

Shortly after, a group of men were publicly confronted by the Friary's senior priest over their conduct. 

At least one male massgoer then verbally remonstrated with the priest.

'Off Putting'

Some months ago, Prior Fr Joe Bulman left the altar to verbally admonish a group of men.

The cluster had engaged in loud talk during Communion at the rear of the church.

Said one parishioner of last Saturday's incident: ''It was off putting even before Mass started to see so many big men standing together at the back.

''People come to pray and reflect for 20 or 25 minutes, it's not too much to ask for that space and silence to be respected.

''They should stay away if they don't want to stay silent,'' said the parishioner.