Updated: 07/02/17 : 05:53:48
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Trump and diplomacy

By Declan Foley

For more than twelve months Donald Trump publicly stated what his immediate plans, upon taking office, would be. Of course, the "quasi-Democrats" (Clinton rear end kissers) in FG/FF and their fellow travelers heading the EU, convinced themselves that only Hillary Clinton could win the election. Worse, they more than willingly, and tragically for democracy, openly, allowed themselves to be hitched to the Clinton election wagon.

When Trump won, they then tried to convince themselves "the ('their') system" would see President Trump roll back on his promises, as, starting with Kenny, they rushed to eat humble pie. Chancellor Merkel showed not alone the required mettle, but the necessary diplomacy, to deal with the President-elect, in the requisite stoic manner. I reckon this will ensure her re-election.

President Trump will indeed keep his word to make Executive Orders, as is the right of a President of the U.S.A. How it pans out for the U.S and the world is another thing.

The danger to the world at this point in time is not from Donald Trump: rather it is from the inadequacies of the crop of fools, posing as Statesmen, who proffer very poor leadership in their respective EU nations, allied to the cosy cartel in the EU Commissions, who are so far removed from the citizens of the EU, their motto appears to be "Let them eat cake!"

Today, in many nations the perception is that Governments merely serve big business, with little or no concern, for the average citizen: the economy takes precedence over the community.This perception, going unchecked creates a vacuum; a vacuum which the populist carpetbagger with smoke and mirror deals, quickly fills.

The cry from the great majority of people worldwide is for decent Leadership. In Ireland the response is yet another 276 point plan: with no action.