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Improve your Business with Sligo LEO

LEO Sligo are delighted to offer places on the first tranche of Business Skills Training Programmes of 2017 – all kicking off during Local Enterprise Offices’ ‘Enterprise Week’ of March 6th to 10th.

Business Advice Clinics, Monday, March 6th, 10.00-17.00

Do you have a business idea, but are unsure of how to progress it? Maybe you have recently started a business but would like some impartial, expert advice about how it could be improved? Our 45 minute FREE 1-1 Clinics with a Business expert are the ideal first step! Book your FREE advice clinic today! Once you book, your time will be assigned and sent to you by email.
Master V.A. T. in just One Day! Tuesday March 7th, 10.00-17.00

The objective of this one-day, highly practical workshop is to give you a detailed overview of what V.A.T. is, how it impacts on you and your business, and how to ensure that you develop the skills to account for it correctly and make accurate, prompt returns.
Workshop content will include:

  • Overview of what V.A.T. is, who has to charge it and what the thresholds are

  • What are the V.A.T. rates applicable to your business

  • If you are under the V.A.T. thresholds, what are the pro’s and cons of registering for V.A.T. & how to decide whether you should register?

  • What can be included in a V.A.T. return and what cannot

  • Linking your V.A.T. return to the rest of your Accounts

  • Dealing with purchases & sales from inside/outside the E.U.

Human Resource Management for Small Businesses, Tuesday March 7th, 18.00-21.00

Does your business employ staff or is it about to? This Prog. will assist existing or potential employers to deal with issues such as recruitment, employment contracts, people management and employment legislation-all vital issues for employers.

This Programme will provide employers with the principles of fair employment practices and people management in addition to primary points of employment legislation.

Programme content will include:

  • Introduction to the principles of employment rights and obligations

  • Main legal requirements & obligations regarding recruitment of employees

  • Explanation of what is required in Staff Contracts

  • What are Staff Handbooks, why you should have one and how to develop the right one for your business and staff

  • People Management - practical guidelines on how best to manage a staff team

  • Disciplinary and Grievance procedures

  • Redundancy - what it means and how it must be implemented

Data Protection, Privacy Law & your Business, Wednesday, March 8th, 14.00-17.30

Does your business control and/or process personal data on individuals? This can include sensitive personal information, such as medical information OR more 'mundane' information, such as postal addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. If so, did you know that you are required to handle personal data in accordance with data protection principles? There are new EU data protection rules on the horizon, which will mean increased responsibility on your business regarding how you store and handle this data. Poor compliance with legal rules and/or inadequate data storage systems can leave you exposed to potential financial sanctions.
LEO Sligo are currently offering places on a short, practical half-day workshop on ‘Data Protection & Privacy Law for small Businesses’. The aim of this Workshop is to increase your knowledge of Data Protection legislation and how it applies to and benefits your business; as well as highlighting basic and easy-to-implement rules and procedures to follow so your business doesn’t get caught out!

Start Your Own Business, March 8th, 18.00-21.00

Are you thinking of starting a Business or perhaps you know anyone who is thinking of doing so? Maybe you have just started and are seeking help? Then our I.L.M.-accredited Programme is a must!

Issues covered include:

  • Self-Assessment

  • Legal issues for start-ups

  • Preparing a Business Plan

  • Market Research

  • Marketing for the small Business

  • Finance

The Programme addresses these crucial issues in a practical, relevant way.
You’ll also receive a one hour, 1-1 training session with the Trainer after the Programme has completed, to assist you to further progress your business.

Social Media 1-1 Clinics, Thursday March 9th and Friday, March 10th, 10.00-17.00

The whole marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of social media. Local Enterprise Office Sligo are offering you the opportunity to book a one-on-one slot with an industry expert who will work with you on an individual basis to examine your current Social Media marketing activities and will help you formulate an effective Social Media marketing strategy. 

This clinic can prove very beneficial if you are just starting out in business and need advice on where to start or if you are currently in business and need to review and improve your Social Media marketing activities. 

When you book a place, LEO Sligo will assign you a day and time. Each 1-1 slot will be one hour in duration. The Social Media trainer will be in contact with you in advance to find out more about your business and how it is using Social Media in advance of your 1-1 session.

Book your place today by clicking on this link:


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