Updated: 10/02/17 : 05:56:30
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Public WIFI service needed in Sligo Town

Blaine Gaffney, a local Fine Gael Area Representative in Sligo has advocated for the need for the relevant authorities in Co. Sligo to develop a free public WIFI service in Sligo Town.  

Whilst discussing the idea, Mr Gaffney stated that “this is just one measure, of many, which in my opinion needs to be implemented going forward in order to try and attract more people into our town regularly, with the ultimate aim being, encouraging greater spending in our local economy.   

“The roll out of infrastructure such as this in towns and cities is a developing trend throughout the European Union and many urban centres in Ireland have been upgraded with a free wifi service over the last two years. Kildare County Council took the initiative to provide this service in September 2016 and just recently in January 2017, Clare County Council launched their own free public wifi service for the people and business in Ennis.

“If it is good enough for Kildare, Clare and many other counties, then it should be delivered in Sligo as well. “Having personally used similar public wifi services in large urban cities such as Zaragoza, in Spain and in smaller areas like in Athy, Co. Kildare, I have seen at first hand the benefits a service like this can bring to local businesses. For example, people could use the free wifi service to investigate which businesses are selling particular products in Sligo, they could google where to go to eat or where to visit to when seeking to view historic sites.

Left: Blaine Gaffney, a local Fine Gael Area Representative in Sligo

“It would be particularly of benefit to International tourists visiting Sligo, who are often too afraid to use their own personal phones in Ireland due to the high cost of roaming charges. It could also help them with translating languages in shops and cafes in Sligo and allow skype conversations home to friends and relatives.

“This concept is something which I believe that the Sligo Bids, Sligo County Council and the Sligo Chamber of Commerce should and may already be considering developing going forward. It would be a really good step forward for the town.

"Another aspect which could be considered when trying to develop this service could be for the relevant authorities to approach ‘SIRO Ireland’ considering the fact that they have chosen Sligo as one of its first places to roll out its 1GB (F.T.B) Broadband service. It would be a good way for that company to promote their product whilst providing a mutually beneficial service to the people and businesses of Sligo. Similar projects have already been rolled out by Virgin Media in Co. Kildare," concluded Mr Gaffney.